Our Vision

White Salmon Valley School District provides a safe environment where each student is encouraged to dream, is inspired to succeed, and is empowered to become a life-long learner.

Our Mission

We believe...

  • All students can learn and feel successful.
  • Reading is the foundation of education.
  • Schools should be student-centered in philosophy, organization, and educational practices.
  • There are many ways to motivate students to graduate and continue the life-long learning process.
  • Each student can reach his/her fullest academic and social potential.
  • Successful schools develop partnerships among parents, schools, students, businesses, and the community.
  • Civic and community involvement is an important component of each student's education.
  • Education should be based on strong basic skills, that also encompass creative usage, problem-solving, critical and analytical thinking, and cooperative work traits.
  • Success in the modern workplace requires schools and students to be proficient in the use of technology.
  • Sound fiscal management includes maintaining a minimum cash reserve of five percent of the district's budget.
  • Education is enhanced in safe and well-maintained facilities.
  • All students and their families are welcome in our schools and all our activities.